How to Prepare Yourself for Coming 21 CFR Part 11 Inspections – May 13th, 2011

How to Prepare Yourself for Coming 21 CFR Part 11 Inspections – May 13th, 2011

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How to Prepare Yourself for Coming 21 CFR Part 11 Inspections – May 13th, 2011

Speaker: John Avellanet, Managing Director, Cerulean Associates LLC

Price: $399.00

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How good are Avellanet’s Webinars? So good that Webinar registrants become his clients:

“It was a pleasure listening to your webinar on 21 CFR Part 11 this week. I spoke with management and they are interested in your assistance with our SAP validation.”

“John Avellanet’s frequent speaking engagement requests from the industry are a reflection of his expertise and reputation. In 2009, we got to see this first hand. John helped us on a business-critical project expected to last 9 months. Midway through, senior management challenged us to expedite the project by 3 months and we succeeded thanks to John’s dedication to get the job done – and done right. If I had to characterize John and his firm Cerulean in 3 phrases, they’d be: expert, on-time and high integrity.”

FDA announced July 8 that it will soon begin to conduct 21 CFR Part 11 inspections. Are you ready? In this Webinar, John Avellanet will detail how to prepare yourself for coming Part 11 audits by FDA, as well as how to comply with the revised EMA Annex 11.

What You Will Learn:

Status of Part 11 and Annex 11
New requirements
Major differences between the new interpretations and the old versions
Risk-based validation justification details
Leveraging vendor efforts, documentation and services
The challenges in managing electronic records
Recent FDA warning letters related to computer systems and e-records
What inspectors will look for around IT compliance and electronic records
Recommendations for compliance implementation
Attendees will receive these free gifts:

3-month subscription to FDA Digest – 483/warning letter e-newsletter
Complimentary recording of the event
3-month subscription to SMARTERCOMPLIANCE™ newsletter by Cerulean Associates ($129 value)
Expert, easy-to-grasp guide on Quality-by-Design, (QBD) by Cerulean Associates
“Lean Compliance for Midsized Companies” (from Journal of GXP Compliance, January 2008)
About the Presenter

John Avellanet, author of Get to Market Now! Turn FDA Compliance into a Competitive Edge in the Era of Personalized Medicine (Logos Press), is the founder and managing director of Cerulean Associates LLC. His clients include Fortune 50 biopharmaceutical firms, medical device startups, and everything in between.

Mr. Avellanet has gained tremendous acclaim for his speeches, workshops, and business-savvy compliance consulting work with corporate clients and conference venues around the world. One CEO recently commented,

“I would go out of my way to hear John speak on any subject just to enjoy his style of message delivery. He speaks with a brilliant combination of energy, humor, positive attitude, and solid meat-on-the-bones details. Just perfect.”

You can learn more about Mr. Avellanet through his independent advisory firm, Cerulean Associates LLC, on the web at, or through his award-winning blog at


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