New, Free Site – Find Qualified Vendors for Your Lab Testing and Scientific Research, Lab/Reg Outsourcing Assignments

New, Free Site – Find Qualified Vendors for Your Lab Testing and Scientific Research, Lab/Reg Outsourcing Assignments

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Feb. 21, 2011 WASHINGTON DC — Two new websites now live — — provide regulatory and laboratory professionals with a free resource to locate qualified vendors to fulfill their laboratory testing and scientific research needs, and also lab and regulatory outsourcing assignments.

“We are very pleased to provide to regulatory and laboratory professionals a comprehensive database of outsourcing positions,” stated Joseph Pickett, President. “There is no other resource online that provides such a complete database of very specific laboratory and regulatory classifieds.”

“In a tougher economic environment, finding qualified laboratory and regulatory vendors to conduct short term outsourcing assignments is critical. We believe our new sites, free for the first month, fill a vital niche in the laboratory and regulatory marketplace,” Pickett continued. and at launch offer FREE listing and browsing of outsourcing classifieds. All company information will be kept confidential, and will only be released to qualified regulatory and laboratory firms.

Examples of laboratory classifieds submitted so far in February are:

* FDA GMP bioanalytical laboratory needed for full USP Testing: 1) Ethanol abs. 2) Ethanol 96% 3) Acetone 4) alpha-Tocopherol (racemic)

* Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for the study of two compounds on platelet aggregation. In-vitro testing of human blood cells. Platelet aggregation should be induced by collagen and/or arachidonic acid. After incubation with each compound thromboxane level should be assessed. Several concentrations should be examined.
* Preclinical Laboratory needed for preclinical tesing of a SNL model of Kim and Chung (tight ligation of spinal nerves) 2. CCI model of Bennett and Xie (loose ligation of the sciatic nerve) 3 doses + vehicle + standard compound, 10 rats per dose, 2 compounds to be tested

Examples of regulatory classifieds submitted in January are:

* Israel Regulatory Consultant to advise on needed costs and time of registering dental medical devices in Israel. Need qualified agent in Israel to perform registration activities, maintain registration, and to license/allow multiple distributors to use these registrations to sell our products.
* Europe Pharmaceutical Consultant needed for Generation of CTA and regulatory advice for small molecule drug (NCE) in the area of Alzheimer’s disease to enter clinical phase I in Europe in second half of 2011.
* Oncology company needs Registered agent/Regulatory Consultant for EMEA or FDA GMP certification of products

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